Travel to the Mediterranean can be expensive, but there are a number of grants and fellowships for which one can apply to help offset the cost of travel, room and board.  Some of these are internal to Wesleyan; others are available through archaeological and academic organizations.

Note: the deadlines for many of these fellowships come rather early in the spring semester, typically in late February or early March. The dates shown are for 2015.



Biblical Archaeological Society Fellowship (for fieldwork in Israel only, due March 13)

Wesleyan Squire Fellowship (through the Classics Department, due April 1)
Contact Prof. Chris Parslow, Chair, Dept. of Classical Studies

Wesleyan University Summer Experience Grant (due March 3)

Wesleyan University Israel and Jewish Student Life Endowed Summer Grant (due March 14)

Wesleyan Davenport Study Grants (due March 6)

Jane Waldbaum Archaeological Field Fellowship (for first time excavators, due March 1)

ASOR Platt Fellowship (for fieldwork in the Middle East, due Feb 17)

Ashkelon Archaeological Internship (for experienced students only)
Contact Prof. Birney



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